Challenge accepted

Challenge accepted

You grow faster if you challenge yourself. Keep challenging yourself, and you will keep growing. That is why we love a challenge and are always looking for one. Because that is how we get the most out of your online marketing every day. Clickables will create your winning marketing mix from rock-solid campaigns that have been proving their impact in your industry for years. Clickables has tested, challenged, and perfected them on a grand scale. And still, every day, we improve them to let you win tomorrow as well. Are you challenging us? Challenge accepted.

Clickables knows your challenges

How do you know if your campaigns are performing better? Clickables has experience in online marketing for over 200 clients in fitness, physiotherapy, and leisure. Especially with real entrepreneurs like you. We know what makes you tick and will guide you through all the opportunities and choices. At least weekly or monthly, and always when necessary. With your own dashboard, you can monitor the performance of your campaigns 24/7. Together, we will make the most out of every euro of your online marketing budget. And we challenge each other every day to make your campaigns even better. For more visitors, members, or clients and more sales and growth.

Winners in your industry

A team of specialists in the Fitness, Fysiotherapy & Leisure industry.

Campaigns with guaranteed results

Perfect campaigns with guaranteed results.

Experience with over 200 clients

Serving over 200 clients in our industry since 2017.

24/7 dashboard

24/7 monitoring of your campaigns, results, leads, and sales.

Clickables knows your challenges

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Your specialists

Tessa de Jong

Client Manager

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Martha Piels

Director Growth Services

Robin Schakenraad

Online Marketeer

The first click from clickables

Clickables was founded in 2017. Before that, we had already made a reputation for ourselves in the fitness industry with our smart websites for gyms. Online marketing was only a small step from there and we had big plans. The name ‘Clickables’? It stands for building blocks that reinforce each other and ‘click together’ as an overall package. This is how we click together winning campaigns for challengers and frontrunners in fitness, physiotherapy, and leisure.