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Clickables has the blueprints ready for a successful opening of your gym or to attract additional new members to your existing gym. But it takes more than that to stay fit because your competitors are showing their muscles too. Clickables assists you in winning on all fronts with a proven, effective marketing mix, from generating new leads to retaining your valuable members.

How we will make you grow

Ready to add some weight? Clickables combines the power of rock-solid campaigns tailored for the fitness industry with smart strategies that elevate your formula online. To keep winning, it takes more. We know this from our experience with over 100 gyms.

Your mix is broad

Of course, social media works. But to grow faster, you need a broader approach. Clickables also ensures awareness, branding, and retention.

Guaranteed results

You will work with specialists in your industry, who know exactly what is needed (and what is not) to grow both today and tomorrow.

You see results

How’s your online marketing performing? We’re on top of your results. And so are you: with your own dashboard, you can follow everything in real-time.

Challenge accepted

Our experience and the combination of strong and smart campaigns will help you grow faster. Believe it when you see it, you say? Challenge accepted!

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Experts in the fitness industry

With Clickables, you will have your own fitness team with a dedicated assistant for your online marketing. We know all about your market. How do we know? We follow developments closely, spot trends, and learn from suppliers like TechnoGym. And, of course, from our 100+ fitness clients. Every week, we share the latest insights in the team and apply them to make your campaigns even better.

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